Roomba 616

Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Remove dirt, debris and hair from hard floors and carpets at the touch of a button, every day.

Roomba® 616 features a patented 3-stage cleaning process with counter-rotating brushes and a powerful vacuum to remove dirt, dust, hair and other debris from your floors.

Roomba 616 is simple to use – just press CLEAN and iRobot’s iAdapt® Responsive Navigation Technology enables Roomba to find its way around the room, ensuring every area is covered for a complete clean.

As with all Roomba models, Roomba 616 has a spinning side brush to clean along wall edges, is compact enough to navigate under and around furniture, avoids stairs and other drop-offs and will automatically return to its Home Base™ to recharge between cleaning cycles.


  • Navigates under and around furniture and through loose cords without damaging household objects.
  • Cleans along wall edges using a spinning side brush for the most thorough floor coverage.
  • Avoids stairs and other drop-offs.
  • Automatically charges itself between cleanings.
  • Works on hard floors and carpets.


  • Effectively captures large quantities of dirt, dust, hair, and other debris from all floor types
  • Vacuums every section of floor


  • Cleans under and around furniture, beds, into corners, and along wall edges
  • Avoids stairs, obstacles and loose wires
  • Works in cluttered rooms without damaging furniture


  • Effectively finds floor debris in tight spots, even under and around furniture
  • Spot Clean Mode performs a quick vacuum of debris confined to a small area, such as spilled cereal or an overturned plant
  • New iRobot Battery with XLife formulation delivers twice as many cleaning cycles as previous Roomba batteries, doubling the time before a replacement battery may be needed*

*Roomba runtime remains the same between recharges. Battery lifetime varies with usage and home environment. Use Roomba as directed for longest battery life.


Thorough Cleaning
Patented 3-Stage Cleaning Process


Easy to Use 
Clean your floors with the touch of a button


Full Suite of Sensors
Vacuums on its own using iAdapt® Responsive Navigation Technology

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